ZER0trace & Northbay Networks

At ZER0trace, we'll make you an offer to purchase retired or off-lease hardware you are replacing at fair market value. This option can really help offset new hardware costs and make your CapEx project budget much more tolerable to your CTO/CFO.

Since we brought up the most compelling aspect of Asset Value Recovery; let's discuss it in a bit more detail:

Many ITADs will make an offer on your hardware, perhaps including no-cost removal and e-waste disposal. Good deal right? Sure, but only if you have completed all of the turn-down procedures to ensure any/all physical and logical dependencies as well as information security measures have been satisfied. The typical ITAD modus operandi is "rip, strip, and flip". At ZER0trace, we know that the complex configuration details of your IT environment are critical to availability; the details matter and they are the focus of the services we provide.

Perhaps your project involves equipment that is fully deprecated or owned and some that is off-lease but the residual buyout is greater than the FMV and you need to return it to the leasing company. This procedure is littered with fine print to ensure that the equipment you return gets flagged for deficiencies you get billed for regardless of the cost and expense you took to ensure proper packaging and shipping. We know this game well and know how to avoid as much of the "after charging" as possible.

Need An Upgrade?

Through our sister company, NorthBay Networks, Inc., we can provide used, refurbished and new network, server, and infrastructure hardware and components at a discounted cost as compared to purchasing from the manufacturer or distributor.

We stock all major (and lessor known) manufacturer lines such as:

  • settings_input_compositeNetworking
  • computerComputers and Servers
  • storageStorage
  • sd_storageHDD/SSD
  • nfcCPU, Motherboards, RAM

Need something else?

Looking for some obscure, hard to find, end of sale/end of life item? Chances are we have one (or more). Tell us what you are looking for today!